The Chains of Poverty


The epic adventure of a chainsaw


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The Chains of Poverty is a wild arcade game where you play as a chainsaw that needs to cut down everything he can in a theatre full of marionettes before he runs out of gas. If it sounds absurd, well... that's because it is.

The game's crazy story drops you in a future where chainsaws have their own lives thanks to artificial intelligence, however laser technology has made them obsolete. Because of that, chainsaws live in poverty and must participate in depressing theatrical shows to get by.

That's where Vroom, your protagonist, enters: he earns a living in these shows by cutting down as much as he can while dodging dangerous objects, like bombs and fruit, thrown by the audience.

The more objects you can cut in a showing, the more money you'll earn to buy items for your house, which starts out with absolutely nothing. And as you buy furniture and other things, Vroom gains more abilities.

The Chains of Poverty is an all-out absurd game that does nothing to mask its absurdity. It's fun to play, with graphics that recall the classic game The Binding of Isaac, which is never a bad thing.
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